Cyma Sopmod Block 2


Cyma Sopmod Block 2
Maxuhmize, Feb 2, 2013
    • AirsoftShawn4
      That is awesome!
    • Maxuhmize
      @AirsoftShawn4 Thanks!
    • kingfhb
      Very realistic. A battle-hardened unit that appears to have seen multiple ops over the course of a career. The unmatched furniture is definitely a sign of a "Take what you can get for use when you need it" kind of look. Suggestions... 1. Trijicon TA-01 ACOG with backup iron sights or Micro red dot... or at least some kind of Red Dot sight... or red dot and magnifier. Maybe just a red dot if you're focus is more toward CQB, then you can co-witness your iron sights to it. 2. Move the vertical grip a little forward. Most ops weapons (Not movie weapons) are configured for stability when firing. A close in vertical grip would be more for CQB, and with that long barrel, you're not built for CQB. With something like that, the forward part of the lower would be your CQB handle and why it would show wear in that area. 3. Your PEQ should be as far forward as you can put it... you want as little light illuminating your weapon when it's on. All of these suggestions are to make your weapon appear more "Realistic"... great job on the unit, just suggestions. You should have chipped a couple of the bricks and thrown some sand, dirt and a rusty can or two on the ground before you took the picture... then it would have looked like you took it after an op or while waiting to deploy. Extra note: The wear pattern on the vertical grip, upper and lower, as well as your stock look GREAT!! A number on your magazine and PEQ would add to the realistic look as well. The ambi-sling mount is perfect also. CUDOS... great job.
    • Maxuhmize
      @kingfhb thanks man, it means a lot. As to the red dot, I should be getting a 553 replica soon. For the grip, I have short arms :p PEQ, will do. Thanks for the suggestions!!
    • Valkyrie
      Only one word describes this. HAWT.
    • Maxuhmize
      @Valkyrie thank ya sir.
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