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Jun 13, 1971 (Age: 50)
Akron, Ohio
Security Officer


Airsoft Jedi Master, Male, 50, from Akron, Ohio

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Airsoft Jedi Master Nov 16, 2017

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    1. Coopergang
      do you fix airsoft guns?
      1. BoogerMc
        Yes. I'm in the Akron, Ohio area.
        Apr 26, 2018
    2. gunny hiway
      gunny hiway
      how old are you?
      1. BoogerMc
        46, 47 in June. Why?
        Mar 13, 2018
    3. BoogerMc
      Airsoft Jedi Master
    4. Warfox
      It was also good to meet you and your crew today. I am looking forward to seeing the pricing.

      The rain actually held off until the event was over. Not 15 minutes after the last players left it started to down pour.
    5. BoogerMc
      Unfortunately, that would not; however, I may be able to work something out with my group for the first Saturday of August. I'll let you know for sure once I discuss it with them.
    6. Warfox
      Hey BoogerMc.....typically we are open on the 1st and 3rd Saturday of every month from 9am to 5pm. I will actually be away on vacation next week so I would not be able to meet up with you next week.

      I am available this Friday at noon to meet you at the field, if that would work.

      Let me know
    7. BoogerMc
      We are in Summit County, it's south of Cuyahoga and between Medina and Portage counties, Stark is to our southwest. We would be southwest of those counties.About a 30 to 45 minute drive. There is another field just about a mile from us called Walsh Farms, but they charge twice as much as we do and I think you have to contact the group that plays there, I can't remember its name right now though.
    8. 733t samsqatch
      733t samsqatch
      Anywhere closer to Lake County? Ashtabula County?
    9. 733t samsqatch
      733t samsqatch
      Hey man, if its not to much of a hassle can you tell me a bit about your field/ games? Im sick of playing against my teammates.
    10. Grinder060
      Sorry it took such a long time to get back to you, me and my group of guys might be interested sometime, not sure when but it's certainly a possibility.
    11. BoogerMc
      Oh - well - thank you again. I have not as of yet looked into this area, as I am trying to gather up the actaul cash to set up a dealers or sellers account (if that is the correct name).

      One of my goals, besides interaction with the community as a whole, is to establish my presence within the indusrty to further my goals as a manufacture of Airsoft gear and equipment.

      I have talked with Alan in this regard, and am pursuing this goal. I hope to have the funds available soon.

      Again, however, thank you for your contirbution, I will take the time to address my account status ASAP.
    12. Griffin
      Your a good, helpful member and help out other members, so I donated you some so you now you have enough to "buy" a Premium Supporting Membership.

    13. BoogerMc
      I'm glad to hear you got the parts ok. It's probably a good thing we didn't know it was your b-day as your initiation might have been worse, the guys like to have fun with b-day boys. In fact it was Joyner's b-day game.

      We look forward to having you guys play again, we're looking at June 13th, but nothing is final yet.
    14. @ngel_of_death
      Hey there! I got those parts in the mail and I can't thank you enough. Actually, we came down for my birthday, so I guess we'll just call it a birthday present :) Anyways, I'm still fixing up my guns which all took some kind of a beating so hopefully they'll be ready for the next time we come down to play with you guys.

      Sincerest Thanks,
      [email protected]_of_death
    15. PvtParts
      oh, yeah! thanks! we might be going to a field soon, and theres one guy who thinks he'll get his arse kicked. this might show that we could be contenders. thanks for the info. i'll put it to great use!
    16. Tiger1
      I will do my best in answering it!
    17. r1p_c0rd
      will do brother, i read it a couple of days ago but to do it justice i need a bit of time to address it properly, i'll try to get something up tomorrow...
    18. Death Punch308
      Death Punch308
      Hey sorry for the late response but im from South eastern Ohio Near Zanesville
    19. BoogerMc
      My e-mail is [email protected]

      Let me know exactly what you're looking for in regards to your 3D images and I'll do my best. I could use a few unaltered pictures of you background scenery as well. If you get the field pics you're hoping for, send them along and I'll see if I can use them.

      My vest project is going well at the moment, I started on the first production vest the other night, but I will not have it finished before the end of the weekend due to school and personal stuff. I'm attending an online university to get a degree in the field of Criminal Justice. So, it is time consuming. Plus I have to commute to my Grandmother's house to do the actual work and I have to watch my expenditures at the moment being out of work and all.

      Anyway, enough about my problems, keep in touch and I will see what I can do in regards to the 3D stuff.
    20. r1p_c0rd
      Hey brother, yeah I saw the pics. I've been wanting to do a 3D model render of the camo for a while but not having any skills in that department, everything I attempted just look cheesy... I did contact a couple or pro studios to give me a quote on having a well rendered model done but they were way too expensive...

      If you give me your email I can send you a tile of the pattern to play with.

      I should be receiving the new fabric sample tomorrow an I have a game set up for Sunday so I hope I can get some good field shots of it...

      How's your vest project going?
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    Jun 13, 1971 (Age: 50)
    Akron, Ohio
    Security Officer
    Airsoft Gun:
    Several: Echo 1 G36, JG Sig 550, DPMS M-4, etc.
    State / Province:
    Have been an avid BB warrior for more than 20 years and have recently added Airsoft to my curriculum

    Airsoft, what else.
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