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Oct 24, 2013
Jul 27, 2009
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I work at a tree farm....

captain zacheus

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Oct 24, 2013
    1. Patinator
      Hey Zacheus. I'm trying my hand at typing up a story based on AS and its major members... would you want to be in? You can swing by the Talk About Anything thread if you're interested, I made a big post about it a couple days ago.
    2. Foshizl
      Hey dude, srry i dont get on here more, im too lazy =P
    3. XedoeSR
      Right now I mainly play on Sundays when I can at the Bing Field there in Edwardsville. I have been to the Break in Collinsville once for an event, and got there for the last 3 hours of it. I did like the size of it, but because I work every Saturday I dont see myself going there very often really. I do like playing the heavy gunner role, hence why I got the SAW and upgraded it to the max. Only thing I didnt upgrade yet is the gears, because I want to wait on those seeing its not really necessary to upgrade it if they are working just fine.

      [email protected]
    4. captain zacheus
      captain zacheus

      when do they end!
    5. InfluenzaGFX
      You also have FrosterBojingles as another referral. I know a lot of people, dude.
    6. captain zacheus
    7. InfluenzaGFX
      WVJimbo and Reptar are both of your referrals. Your welcome. :P
    8. Uller
      I got an Xcortec X3200 chrono in the mail today.Im testing all my guns,this is the test results of a ten shot single fire test ussing KSC ammo on my G3 SPR:

      G3 SPR:
      .20;511 fps-
      .25;485 fps- 12 rps
      .30;446 fps-
    9. Uller
    10. captain zacheus
      captain zacheus
      thanks dude, I was thinking it would be a future project considering I'm kinda strapped for cash. but I'll definently PM you when I start on it
    11. Uller
      You need any advice or help pulling off this RK mod,dont hesitate to ask man.I got lots of fabrication experience.
    12. captain zacheus
      captain zacheus
      Can't remember where I got it....I think it was just one of those random findings as I surf the web. Lol!
    13. TNAlbright
      were did u get this saying?
      "arguing on the internet is like running in the special olympics, even if you win your still retarded"

      Cause I use that on youtube and I got it from a guy on TNairsoftforums lol.
    14. captain zacheus
      captain zacheus
      possibly...what exactly is is?
    15. josefu0
      Would you like to join the sun and star fighter group?
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    I work at a tree farm....
    Airsoft Gun:
    currently a Dboys RK-05 AK74m AE TSD springer shotgun and a crosman spring pistol (more coming soon)
    State / Province:
    airsoft, reading, music.


    Interested in joining a pseudo-milsim team around the st.louis area?