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Sep 14, 2011
    1. Echihn
      No but wording, simplicity, and wondering implies things. I'm very 0 tolerance now-adays especially since I've almost left AS once before, and this time, would result in a super forum being created. Something bigger than AF, AS etc. I'd prefer to have AS my home, and also use my buddies place to vent, rather than myself and others run our own forum, sponsored teams etc. This is why I said I'll deal with Austin only, as small actions now can have major impacts on things, especially when it's considering better equipped and followed people. I'd rather see AS grow personally, which is why I came back to the site after my MIA period.
    2. Griffin
      Never said I would ban you. Just wondering.
    3. Echihn
      And if there is a problem, have Austin contact me on the matter. I'll stand as a mediator for the two. If a general mod bans me from here because a friend started a site, that won't go over too well with things in the greater scheme of things. I've been very nice with you and other mods, but, I'll deal with Austin specifically only if there is an issue, and not some mod trying to interviene with a 3rd party site.
    4. Echihn
      No. A friend did. Why?

      Even if I did, there is nothing against the rules for making a flame forum. I thought it was funny so I said screw it and joined up.
    5. Griffin
      You created TrollSoft, correct?
    6. ajosh86
      so i hear you can contact mike. I personally am on active duty with a broken back awaiting surgery (2nd one) next month. I broke my back prepping to go to BUD/s and have picked up airsoft since i will no longer be able to be a teams guy. I first saw his masterpiece work of art creations a while back, but am now really desiring one. I know he's backed up but i would love to get my hands on a mike 700 and i would do it justice as i cant really be a door kicker with my mp5 for a good year until my back is stable again but I REALLY want to grab one of his rifles and most importantly my wife is actually going to let me grab one. anywho' if you could someone hopefully get this and tell mike he has a customer hit me up [email protected] thanks.
      EM1(SS) A.
    7. Robin-Hood
      Hey hows it going?
    8. empireof36k
      yoo echihn add me?
    9. Echihn
    10. perthy25
      Do you have Steam? I would like to add you.
    11. EMWairsoft
      thanks man.
    12. BoogerMc
      If you send me an e-mail address, I can send you a zip file of our information packet. I just finished our most recent Newsletter and our Ammo test results report, both of which will be included.
    13. Tacticalairninja
      do you still want it?
    14. Tacticalairninja
      Ok so 45+ shipping... does that sound good? 2 mags, gun, bipod,
    15. Tacticalairninja
      update, The place wher the bipod goes into the gun doesnt work... and the bipod is sorta the same
    16. Tacticalairninja
      Ill check the shipping and things and ill get back to you soon =)
    17. Tacticalairninja
      that sounds good but let me tell you, the green recivier and the barrel are gonna take some work to detach from eachother
    18. spetsnaz sniper
      spetsnaz sniper
      i love that p90 youve got
    19. Tacticalairninja
      not sure probally 50- as the only problem is that, it works... if you can get past that comes with both mags
    20. Tacticalairninja
      Sorry for the late reply but you have to make sure you want this
      YouTube - Broken UTG L96
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