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    1. Alex Moreles
      Alex Moreles
      Hey I’m pretty new to competitive Airsoft and I wanted to get a TM Xtreme .45 and upgrade it with a nice drum I was wondering if you’d give me some advice maybe before I went that route or possibly on that route based on your opinions
    2. Eric Strand
      Eric Strand
      Please let me know about your 5 pulls and then you have to unplug the battery and plug it back in to get 5 more. I have the exact same problem with 2 of my guns. My DT4 HAS a feeding problem I can't figure out also thank you very much
    3. Audeh2fresh
      Chris this is Nate from the Mn Airsoft group. Told me to contact you on here for sales.
    4. st7erk
      Looking for a trigger valve for a sun project xm-177 or the m-16 a2 know where I can source one? Thanks
    5. Gas-co_misfit_slave
      Hey. I'm trying to track down a cyma MP5K metal body. Any ideas where I can get one?
    6. Straightshooter47
      good evening,
      i'm new to airsoft society but not to airsoft collecting, and from reading around it seems like you might be the man to talk too about marketing vintage airsoft items. do you have any idea of the current value of a MGC H&K P7M13, or any number of western arms Wilson models of GBB's.

      thanks in advance for any input you may have,
    7. JackA718
      I heard you were the guy for Lipo batteries. I was wondering if you could suggest a good battery. Im purchasing a new EMG Falkor blitz AEG so i was wondering if you could steer me in the right direction
    8. Itsahak
      Thank you for the quick ebay transaction! I appreciate it!
    9. Alex Chenny
      Alex Chenny
      1. Alex Chenny
        Alex Chenny
        Sep 10, 2018
    10. gunnerk19
      Hey Chris, do you happen to know if Army Armament and Bell 1911 parts are compatible? I was wondering if an Army 1911 outer barrel would work on my Bell 1911. To my knowledge they are both TM based, correct?
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    Sep 15, 1968 (Age: 53)
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    Don't fear the gun, fear the one that is wielding it.

    I would rather own a Nightmare that shoots like a Dream versus a Dream that shoots like a Nightmare.


    Do you call a magazine a "clip"? If not, then why do you call a packing a "bucking"?

    I rather use a nightmare that shoots like a dream, than use a dream that shoots like a nightmare.

    Don't fear the gun, fear the one that is wielding it.
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