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    1. Fyzix
      We're missing you, man.
    2. dadalias
      im in fresno and lookin for a team 2 join always liked airsoft but never been really into it until a year or 2 ago
    3. hairyman
      Started a new job mate, working long hours.
    4. Patinator
      I haven't seen you around lately, Hairy. What've you been up to?
    5. Patinator
    6. hairyman
      Sorry Brian, I'm not being ignorant but i am in my sisters house and her net will not let me see pictures, so your links are blank.
      I'l get back to tommorow and try my best to help.
    7. 733t samsqatch
      733t samsqatch
      So in my dumbassness I screwed up my hop-up chamber, So i figured I might as well redo everything. As I need a new bucking and chamber fast I was thinking

      Airsoft Guns, Airsoft Gun Accessories, Airsoft Shotguns, and Airsoft Sniper - Airsoft Atlanta

      Airsoft Guns, Airsoft Gun Accessories, Airsoft Shotguns, and Airsoft Sniper - Airsoft Atlanta

      And then I need the brass ring so also:Airsoft Guns, Airsoft Gun Accessories, Airsoft Shotguns, and Airsoft Sniper - Airsoft Atlanta

      Everything to your liking?
    8. perthy25
      Thank you so much!
    9. hairyman
      Every body else is selling their own personal used items.
      You are not,your items are new and therefore you are viewed as a vendor under forum charter.
      Why do you keep hassling me and locking my conversations. If I were a vendor, I would list myself as one. I am aspiring to be a vendor, but for now I found a really good deal on these parts and figured selling the guns with these added as a package would make it easier to move this stuff I bought to resell to make money so I can support my family and myself included and you keep locking my ads. When I become a vendor with thousand's of dollars in inventory, I will be sure to let you know, but for now I would appreciate it if you would stop hassling me and allow me to do what everyone else is doing in the sales section.
    11. Grinder060
      Thanks hairy, didnt get any airsoft goodies but im year older i suppose
    12. CaptFysh
      Thanks Hairy:D Got a new guitar, so I'm phsyced about that, but I spent the day taking exams or home alone. MY mum decided to take a vacation yesterday, lol. You have a good one too.:o
    13. 733t samsqatch
      733t samsqatch
      Alright thanx for the tip
    14. hairyman
      Well i know that Ebaybanned have Lomax and Vanaris barrels in stock,but they are all 6.03mm.
      They are good value with free shipping and the finish is better than one would think.
    15. 733t samsqatch
      733t samsqatch
      Im very impatient lol
    16. hairyman
      Its just a case of waiting so!!
    17. 733t samsqatch
      733t samsqatch
      There out of stock everywhere!! I can't find one site that has them in stock, and I know they won't be in-stock around the Holidays
    18. hairyman
      No problem Brian,
      An EDGI 6.02/03mm is also well worth a look,big money though!
    19. 733t samsqatch
      733t samsqatch
      Alright. All the 6.01 barrels are out of stock everywhere. Thanks Hairy
    20. hairyman
      No it will not mate,,,the WA GBB stands for Western Arms Gas Blow Back.
      GBB rifles use a different type of hop up,the barrel can be modded but its more hassle than its worth.
      Golden ball BB's are very good.
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