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    1. johngol10
      What the hell...
    2. ABLOG
      Lots of young chamber teen girl bedding options are free for those wishing to see comfortableness while console remaining within budget.
    3. vietboy1st
      you pm the wrong guy .. lol i don't have oakley gloves.
    4. 733t samsqatch
    5. 733t samsqatch
      733t samsqatch
      FirstJP's Quasar Mod: what kind of bucking is this?

      "The Holy Grail of Sniping" (link)
    6. Robin-Hood
      Will do man, waiting for a nice sunny day so I have some reasonable lighting to take some. My phones a bit retarded about indoor lighting and seeing as its the only digital camera I have it causes some issues.
    7. Patinator
      Awesome, I don't have to replan everything! :p

      Well, then. The things I need from you, John, are... your character's personality, appearance, and guns. I ask everybody this, since I want the characters to be to their real-life counterparts' liking... if you can PM me that info, that'd be great!
    8. Patinator
      Hey, Johnny boy. Um. Would you like to be in my story based on AS? More info is in the Talk About Anything thread... I hope you do, I need mods. Plus from what I have planned, you'd have kind of a starring role. :P I'll explain more if you want to be in... sorry to bother ya!
    9. Upper Gaiden
      Upper Gaiden
      John, youre a mod! Congatulations! Thats awesome!
    10. Patinator
      Wait a cotton-pickin' minute, when did you become a mod John? O_o Congratulations!
    11. 733t samsqatch
      733t samsqatch
      Congrats on being made a Mod John
    12. 733t samsqatch
      733t samsqatch
      Are there ANY summer camps dealing with the Marines that you know of?
    13. M715ForLife
      PM me your addy
    14. M715ForLife
    15. M715ForLife
      Still have that helmet?! haha
    16. Mav1457
      Trolling :P
    17. USMCGuy
      Hey, when I get to my first duty station I will probably have alot of access to gear. Let me know what you are looking for and Ill see if I can get it.
    18. G36fanatic...
      Initial impressions from all the videos show that, out of the box, it is one kick *** gun. I'm just worried that because of the cost, some corners were cut, and it wont last very long. If it turns out to be a good gun, and fairly reliable(for a GBBR) then I'll go ahead and grab one for sure. But I gotta start saving. I still have to get an LRB for my JAC first.(like, $300 right there...)
    19. G36fanatic...
      I'll wait... For one, its GIM, and has noticeable cool down. Second, its WE... I'll wait to see what breaks and how long till it breaks. For the price, WE must have cut corners.
    20. Deadgoatz
      hey man, was wondering if you could help me out? I dont want to buy a POS but i dont want to break the bank either. Im kind of lost on what kind of weapon manufacture to go with so far everyone is telling me to stay wawy from jg but their the ones i get the most bang for the buck. What would you do?
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    ‎"Now there's things you need to know -draw- bout your frickin' secondary, just like your primary, takes bullets. And every time you pull that trigger, that bullet frickin' disappears. It just happens, I dunno, it's science, physics is involved or something crazy it's like magic or something. I don't really know. But it's gonna run outta bullets."

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