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    1. vampireknight
      srry i havent gotten back to you i have had some car issues and it has been keeping me busy its not really a airsoft field just a plain field no body cares if we play at out in spanaway but its been fun rules we play by are basically the same as ata field call your hits play safe have fun no fps limits, we recomend full face masks but some people we play with dont wear anything. but if your looking for actuall fields try looking up tacoma tactical there fps limits are 300 and lower due to the fact it is a cqb field but thats really all i know i wanna get into some bigger fields but have yet to find any or the time with the fact im in my first year of colledge.
    2. NotoriousJC
      My name is James and i have been into airsoft for about 5 years. I am 15 years old, and would be able to show up to games, meetings, etc after around june 4th, and possibly weekends before then. I have never been on an actual team, but while in italy would always have free for all games. I am pretty accurate, and i own a Thompson M1A1, with metal gearbox, and upgraded high torque gears. I am not perfect, but i am still pretty young and would like to learn more about the sport, I am not just some kid who takes this as a joke, i really love airsoft and would greatly appreciate it if you would get back to me. Also i will be with my dad, who would also like to join. he recently retired from the air force, so he knows what to do on a battle feild lol. but please get back to me

    3. sellersjason13
      Sometime you have to check in with us?
    4. sellersjason13
      Hey where did you disappear to? We tried to get for CAPT Deuce game but no answer. Everyone has been tring to call and text you. I hope your ok we have said you are M.I.A. Talk to you soon.

      LTCOL Kodiak
    5. Crotch
      Yeah airsoft elite .2 or .25
    6. Crotch
      Actually if you wanna make money at the meetups make mosfet trigger switch units with active braking those sell anywhere there is airsoft
    7. Crotch
      Huh? Oh to build the tracer unit? I could build it into the gun with the switch on the frame so it's internal. Lights them up as they enter the breach. 2 uv leds a switch and hmmm lemme see I'd have to calculate resistors based on power supply
    8. Crotch
      No no no u need uv (ultra violet) leds for best effect and I've had a hard time finding some even at prototyping supply places. I once used a 5000 candle power spot light to charge them and they don't glow as bright or as long. The uv spectrum supercharges the luminants
    9. Crotch
      Anyhow I would refrain from buying bbs at the swapmeet or wal mart or even big 5 untill you see the differance in qualities, I'll show you I have examples. Also in town off sunset is an airsoft shop, match airguns, but even I won't buy there unless I have to
    10. Crotch
      I'm downtown on bridger
    11. Crotch
      I hear the v.3 supports up to 16gb now. I heard that and I said, "why would anyone need that unless they were backing up all their psp games on it and it'd need to be running homebrew to do it" then I thought about it more, "holy **** I can put all my airsoft manuals and such on it" but I decided why? Lol
    12. Crotch
      If there's no wind I'd say 2000 is good for 1 game day cause you can pick your shots
    13. Crotch
      I use about 2000 in 1 round of each game average of maybe 4000-5000 rounds each game day unless I conserve but the wind has not been nice the last few times but $10 for 2000 is around town, online $12 can get you 3500
    14. Crotch
      So yeah use .2 or .25 in your gun, bio degradable if possible
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