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    1. RunBMC
      Hey, I saw your AUG A3 and I'm about to get the same thing. You seem like an expert for this gun, so I might get the 9.6 volt mini nunchuck batteries like you did. Can you give me a direct link to those betteries? I'm new to airsoft so this would be a bog step for me to get a quality gun with quality batteries. Thanks!
    2. deathmechanic
      Happy Birthday!

      Can't wait till your camo is ready to purchase!
    3. TNAlbright
      Hey man, I posted something in the wrong place but then reposted it in the right but I couldn't delete the first post. If you or any other mod could please delete it for me that would be great! Here goes the link-http://www.airsoftsociety.com/forums/f38/my-scar-plan-13884/
    4. TNAlbright
      Not much man! I saw you visited my profile so I just popped in to say Hi. Kind of new around here.
    5. TNAlbright
    6. Fyzix
      u r welcome...i would have 1 except 4 the fact that they seem 2 b the most popular gun under the sun...
    7. Fyzix
      Friggin nice m4 dude!!!
    8. gonff
      hi i wanted to know how you painted your m4?
    9. PvtParts
      hey. i recently built a website for my friends so that they can get more active/ knowledgeable i the sport of airsoft. i talked to them and we agreed that we'd like some professional help with questions that i might not be able to answer as well as some people. i'm sure you're busy, but if you want it would be cool if you could sign up on my site. you dont have to though, i wont have any hard feelings. i'll send you the info if you want to do it. if not just tell me 'no'.
    10. BoogerMc
      Just finished our first game of the year on Sunday. Mission report submitted under Battle Reports forum, check it out.
    11. renegade-rabbit
      rip you bring ninja to a whole new level
    12. perthy25
      Do you have Steam? I would like to add you.
    13. BoogerMc
    14. BoogerMc
      Hey, what's going on. Have you checked any of yout threads lately? What did you think of the pics? Give me a shout.
    15. Hawk TK-9401
      Hawk TK-9401
      Heya man! How's it going?
      Yeah, I've been so busy with everything, Ive only been on here and there. I missed the picture you posted here. What was it? You still have it?
    16. r1p_c0rd
      it was originaly a G&P SpecOp US$450
    17. Dufo
      how much was your M4?
    18. tonyn.whop@hotmail.com
      [email protected]
      yeah my uncle mentioned it. he said he was watching a "top gear" type show and they did a matte coat with spray paint on an STi. he said the water did a chemical type reaction that helps improve paint quality. or as you said, cools the gas, im not sure on exactly what it does. good to look into...
    19. tonyn.whop@hotmail.com
      [email protected]
      thts what i thought u meant. wanted to clarify haha. my unc told me about this stuff you can use to rubberize old tool handles im wondering if that would have an application to guns. and im going to stencil some stuff out on my gun when i get it, worst that can happen is i have to sand it down. does putting your spray paint cans in cold water rlly help its performance btw?
    20. tonyn.whop@hotmail.com
      [email protected]
      ? lol not catching your meaning...sorry im a bit slow ;)
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    Feb 12, 1974 (Age: 46)
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    i live in hong kong, i'm a hairstylist and i've been playing airsoft for about 2 years

    skateboarding, wakeboarding, snowboarding...


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