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    1. Patinator
      Yeah. It's like a house with furniture you can't sit on- a forum you can't have a friendly chat on without being forced to move somewhere else if it can be had at all...

      Edit: A question, Robin... would it be okay if I made a thread in General Airsoft for people to critique or comment on a purchase I've got set up? I figured I'd ask since I've never seen a thread like that, just for specific guns...
    2. Patinator
      Thank you, sir. I'm glad Airsoft Society has lax moderators and rules. The other forum I go to is stricter, and far larger, and I never post there, heh. I'm too scared of breaking the rules there.
    3. Patinator
      Robin, my apologies for spam in the Forgiveness Thread.
    4. 733t samsqatch
      733t samsqatch
      Hey Robin I gotst a question. Would I be able to use a 8.4v 4000 mah batttery in my stock G&G M4? I don't know anything about batteries so any help will be appreciated.
    5. BearsButt
      How many clubs or individual users strictly enforce the use of biodegradable airsoft ammunition only? I find airsoft bb's all over our campgrounds and it's becoming a very noticeable problem. I'm afraid if airsoft groups, manufacturers and sellers of airsoft products don't police themselves and do it pretty soon, it will become a law. I encourage groups like yours to begin a campaign to only use biodegradable ammo.


      Concerned for Americas environment, especially in our National Forest and other public lands.
    6. johngol10
      Alright, good to hear.
    7. johngol10
      Hey Robin if you're still having those CIRAS problems it could be that it's the wrong size, EBB doesn't have size charts for their vests and I've heard that they are size large when compared to Pantac/Flyye's vests.
    8. johngol10
    9. superchrisguy
      Haha no, not part Scandinavian that I know of!
    10. C-Fader
      Hey everybody that looks at this comment, join the Natural Born Killersgroup...i am sick and i want a lot of members...p.s join the nbk with the usmc bulldog picture
    11. JAMEZAW9
      BTW FDOG and I are not in Bravo, we are in Delta, everyone who goes to GZ from our site ( must go into team Delta, has always been the rule, so yeah- you're going down.
    12. joe23
      pls i have guns for sell and i need buyers can you help me out with buyers?
      all types of guns.
    13. johngol10
      For the CIRAS, just explain to me how to adjust it and I might be able to help. Usually having a displaced load will either be because it is the wrong size or it's fitted wrong.
    14. xDAxRE4PER
      Oh okay, thanks sorry to bother you.
    15. xDAxRE4PER
      Hello, I had a question as to why a friend of mine hero91 was banned from this site. It didn't seem to me that he did anything wrong and I was looking forward to trading some airsoft guns with him. Just wondering since he is banned he can't contact anyone to become unbanned. Is it possible for him to do anything to become unbanned?
    16. WillBrayJr
      My family is anything but normal. My family makes the ones on Jerry Springer look like the Brady Bunch and Partridge Family.
    17. WillBrayJr
      Just out of curiousity, how can you lose respect for a 6year old? I wouldn't have done it if I knew about Ecoli in that region of the body.
    18. Echihn
      Whats up brotha. One more week of the quartr left then I'll be a lil less MIA for a few weeks until the next quartr starts towards the end of july.
    19. johngol10
      Thanks Robin :D
    20. SgT_ScReWb
      haha that's good..
      what you looking to get?
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