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Apr 22, 2013
Mar 26, 2010
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Apr 22, 2013
    1. Patinator
      Were you in Gabbly, Snake. Aww, sorry. ^^; I got impatient.

      Um, listen, about our SAA deal... don't worry about it... after researching the gasses it uses, it's really not practical for me at the moment.

      So you can keep your monies... :P
    2. Patinator
      I wouldn't do that, Snake. :/ To anybody.
    3. Patinator
      Yeah, roger.

      My connection died. v_v Happens a lot.
    4. Patinator
      Um... were you serious about the SAA offer, Snake? Just curious.
    5. hockeyfan19
    6. Patinator
      Hi Snakey. I see you're online... feel like a little Gabbly? I'm bored. :P /pest
    7. Patinator
      ^.^ Thank you, Snake~ I'll be waiting for you. By the way, you'll be the only supporting member in the story who doesn't get captured~ Unlike poor Bob-o. :P Whenever you get done, let me know buddy.
    8. Patinator
      Snakey boy, you wanna be in my story? Check out the Talk About Anything thread for details, I'm a little winded now (what that has to do with typing, I don't know ^_^'). :D You'd be important too, since you're a magical supporting member. ouo
    9. Fyzix
      I'm gonna be leaving chat REALLY soon, so if I'm not in chat, PM me the pix. I'm really interested.
    10. Patinator
      Aww, haha. I like you, Snake. You're my kind of guy. Nice, funny.

      Wow. Glad things are alright for you... up here... man... well, there was a lot of damage in nearby Bradley County. But as for my area... SOMETHING... whether it was a tornado or just crazy bad winds came through about a half-mile away. :/ Trees everywhere. And then, later that night a very strong part of the storm passed by just... maybe two miles away?

      Scary ****, man. o_o
    11. Patinator
      You're from Alabama, eh Snake? How'd you weather the storm, man? It was nasty up here too. :/
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    Airsoft Gun:
    King Arms Galil SAR, A&K SVD
    State / Province:
    Very new to Airsoft.. Always looking for tips and pointers, all the way from gear to game strategy.

    Airsoft! :D. Possibly custom accessory building in the future.



    Take the time to disassemble your gun. Follow the instructions, have patience, and don't lose your screws.
    Getting into your weapon gets you that much more close to it.. And it's worth it.