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    1. roddy
      Dear theonly uster

      We have rented a forest of about 30,000sqm and are looking for a variety of guns.
      We would like to start off with 50 people in total per session, meaning on each team we will have a capacity of 25/25.

      Your feedback and advice would be highly appreciated in terms of weaponry would be useful for the set up we require.
    2. T4yl0rEthan123
      Hi I need help
      1. Would a 8.4 volt 900mah work in a well d68 G36c ?

      2. How long should I charge a 8.4 volt 700mah battery for?

      If u can reply and help me thank you
    3. MysterySandwich
      Oh.. damnit lol
      How recent was all this?
    4. BlkShp
      Thanks, maybe it was beginners luck ;). Although I have to say I am much more comfortable with the SCAR that I was with a G36K. Been watching several magpul videos hehe. Honestly just target practicing here and there on the back yard. But in all honesty, I was watching it all happen in slow motion through my scope. Like If you look back at how your brain works its crazy. The hardest part I think it where to point to shoot at when you have so many targets.

      I now realized though I messed up. I should have kept shooting back at the person who was trying to take me out (who eventually did) rather than backing out and try to crawl out. I think I could have given my other team member a good opportunity to come help if I had thought a little more and at least try to suppress.

      But I have to say that place was nice ! I cant wait to go back. Beats playing at night in extreme. (although playing at night I think helps develop something..some skill)
    5. Patinator
      Haha, don't worry about it. It's a darn good awesome quote either way, Buster. :P
    6. Patinator
      The following quote has cemented in my head that you're an awesome dude:

      Then your enemy should walk up and say "You should take me to a nice candle-light dinner on the ocean, because I like to be wined and dined BEFORE I GET ******!"

      May I friend you, Buster? :P
    7. howtoairsoft
      Hey theonlybuster I need some help... Remember my site airsoftconnected well its just been stagnant and I'm not exactly sure what to do. Maybe if you have any advice or if you'd like to help or if you know anyone who would want to help me. Also check out the new design of it and tell me what you think. Airsoft Connected

      Thanks man,
    8. schueller
      where have you been? havent seen u on in a couple months
      hey I need those famas mags, please message me asap! I got cash in hand!
    10. schueller
      ur name is very much like the guy on ESPN. Buster Olney (i think thats the way to spell it)
    11. reppihcs
      hey, whats up man. just wondering if u guys are going to be playing at your field this weekend. if u are me and the team would like to come and play there if it alright.

      give me a call or text at 954.657.1620

      looking forward to hear from u
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