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    1. Patinator
      Well... I'm pretty sure it wasn't stripped... I might've messed the head up a little, but it did tighten. Thing is, I don't see the screw poking out the other side of the gun, so I... I'm wondering if part of the screw's broken off or something... I do have kind of a fuzzy picture of it and the backside of the switch if you might be able to discern something from a fuzzy mass of pixely picture. ^^;

      You can just send me a PM for the info if you like.
    2. Patinator
      I tried tightening the screw, Uller... didn't help. ^^; I can't take the mechanism out since I'm a little afraid of doing so... you recommended glue or something before, I think.

      Any progress on the character info, by the way? I've got everyone else.
    3. Patinator
      Sure, sure! I won't start writing for a while.

      Ah... hm... sure that'd fix it? I need to see if just tightening it will work, bah. I'll give it a shot.
    4. Patinator
      Yeah, roger. Hm, how to explain... basically, in my story there will be a character, by the name of Uller, with a personality, appearance, and guns based on your liking. A character based, well, on you I guess. You dictate what you want the Uller in my story to be like... does that make a little more sense? ^_^;;;

      My G3's problem was and is, the fire selector is really loose and comes off at the drop of a hat. I can put it back on and kind of squeeze it together, but it still comes off easy. Hell, just firing it loosens it.
    5. Patinator
      Thanks! Uller, I have a lot of respect for you, with your know-how on gun customization and whatnot (plus G3s are so amazing)... so I'm very glad you want in.

      The things I need from you are your character's personality, appearance, and guns... if you'd be so kind.

      By the way... I have yet to try your loctite solution to my G3. ^_^; I would like something a little more specific, I don't want to gum the whole thing up. I have a picture of the selector switch's inside and the part of the body the switch attaches to, I could email it to you if need be...
    6. Patinator
      Uller... I'm planning to type up a story based upon AS and some of its major members. I'd really like to include you in it, since I think you're kinda cool. :p Um, I made a big post about my idea in the Talk About Anything thread in the staging area if you're curious, it's within the last 50, 60 posts... I don't mean to bug you. ^^;
    7. deathmechanic
      Hey I didnt get a notification of the visitor message till now sorry! Ive had no issues with getting to get a SR25 to fire with AOE issues. Now ive had issues when people have shimmed it to tightly or using improper motors.
    8. Patinator
      Mr. Uller, would you be interested in joining a new airsoft forum. airsoft forum

      AirsoftG36C made it. Feel free to join! In your introduction thread, please mention that I showed you the forum. It's part of a contest. ^.^;

      That aside, I thought I might see how you're doing.
    9. deathmechanic
      Buy RWC L85A1 Piston Spacer Kit Version 2-AEG Misc Gearbox Parts & other Airsoft gun accessories at redwolfairsoft.com

      That kit worked so in theory it should work. Only issue I see though is that on demanding setups you will have to much weight in the piston assembly. It would make for a SR25 to have a lot more room to upgrade. I was just working on a G&P SR25 gen 1 had to do a lot of modifying to the piston to get it to work perfectly.

      Wow that sounds like a beautiful build. Im jealous to the up most degree.
    10. Uller
      I got an idea for a piston for the SR-25 Gb I want to throw at yah.What if you were to make a spacer for the front of a conventional piston to make it as long as an SR-25 piston?If it works you should be able to use conventional gears in an SR-25 GB.Im going to give this a whirl and see how it works,mind you im going to use like an M100 spring first.
    11. deathmechanic
      I would kill somebody to know the info you know. My grandparents are both car and shop nuts. One has a full wood shop the other has a full metal shop. My dads a diesel mechanic. My dads dad opened up a autoshop at the high school I went to. I love tinkering around with things. Also if I had the money id get my truck running the way I want it to. What was your favorite build out of your cars?
    12. deathmechanic
      Yup needed a change. Eawh is kind of a thing of the past mostly im DeadSandstorm usually on every other forum. Since I work on cars a lot and guns decided to change it around haha. Now if I can only get the money for my next 4 builds.
    13. Patinator
      Hm... okay. Thanks, bud!
    14. Patinator
      Ah. That's what I thought, I just wanted to make sure with AS's G3 expert. :D But... well, the switch itself came off. I can put it back on, but it comes off really easy. Is that easily fixable? Or will tightening the screw do it?
    15. Patinator
      Mr. Uller, would you know how to tighten the selector switch on a JG G3? Just got mine back yesterday, and it's real loose. :/
    16. Patinator
      Hey bud... you might wanna empty your PM box. XD
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