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Aug 16, 2013
    1. Ghost-Lead
      Congrats on your upcoming graduation man. Bout damn time right? A few times i've had to bypass the fuse and go direct while other times i was forced to go direct cause fuses kept burning out due to the current being bridged somewhere, i'm switching over to 7.4v Lipos and rewireing all my stuff to Deans so as soon as every thing comes in i'll let you know how that goes.

      Has yours needed any major maintenance yet? i completely tore all the inner teeth on a stock spur gear. had to replace it but it looks like the bevel gear is getting a few chips in some of the teeth. my pistol grip is coming loose and evike has my replace on friggin backorder for a month now. Sometime this week gonna hack apart the gear box, clean up all the lube and reshim my gears.
    2. Ghost-Lead
      What up homie, ever install that fuse on your ASGI G4-A3?
    3. Fyzix
      ya dude u r welcome
    4. Fyzix
      dude.. i LUV ur quote its HILARIOUS! i know ive seen it somewhere else
    5. grenader
      sorry it's been awhile since I was on. It's the fixed hop-up.
    6. grenader
      Well, I've got dial-up, sister the owns only digital camera in our family. The hop-up part in the barrel is stuck all the way down, the screw for it can go up and down, but it has been detached from the part in the barrel.
    7. grenader
      it's damaged,busted,broken.
    8. grenader
      willstab, my super 9 hop up is shot what should i do
    9. Vindicator
      Figured it out. i wasnt using my charger properly, it's an 8 cell and i was charging it on the 6 cell setting. Weird because i was going the whole night with the same battery with the P90 giving off huge auto bursts but the G4 just wouldnt take.

      Managed to redo some wiring, the back battery connector is a lot longer, includes fuse box, and i filed off a bit of the buttstock so the battery cable can connect externally. So far i love it.
    10. Vindicator
      Really? and you've never had this problem before? friggin weird, well we're going to do some jury rigging to convert one of my batteries over to a mini and install a fuse in.

      I'm running a 9.6v 1000mah battery too. cant believe they claim it's 'lipo ready' when a 9.6v is too much..
    11. Vindicator
      Did yours come with a fuse attached to the wiring? i want to get a response from you before i hit up ASGI's tech guys and ask them if it's suppose to come with a fuse. I'm not shipping it back to them, i waited about a month and if they come try to get it i'm gonna sock them in the face waited too damn long to give it back now.

      What's a H nub and where are you getting the metal hopup from?
    12. Vindicator
      Alright the G4 pissed a NICE stream of plastic during test fires before game and was DEAD ON it was beautiful and i loved it. took it out on a skirmish and all i got out of it was a 4 second burst on auto then it acted up again.

      My tech guy says it's because they didnt include a fuse. Pretty much too much juice is going to the motor and the motor cant handle it or something like that. Tomorrow gonna have him come over and splice some wires up and swap out the connectors to my batteries and rig up a fuse to the rifle.

      According to him custom gun shops do this to increase the rate of fire but the down side is if it doesnt have a fuse then if something goes wrong then best outcome is the motor gets fried, worse case is half the gearbox gets fucked up.
    13. Vindicator
      I got a game in a few hours. For now i'll just run the P90 again unless Crotch can troubleshoot and get the G4 ready.

      About yours did you leave it as is or add in a tightbore barrel? i'm thinking about dropping a tightbore and leaving the barrel field length, maybe it'll be good for light sniping
    14. Vindicator
      Okay after a month i FINALLY recieved my order, swapped out a flash hider for a sling adapter i dont even need but their sales guys gave me a bag of 0.2g airsoft elites for the price difference.

      I dont know about you but when i was test firing mine it jammed. Sounds like the motor is catching on something and after a few seconds of the battery being plugged in the pistol grip (where the motor is housed obviously) started to get real warm and both the battery and cable got real warm as well.

      Going to have the team mech take a look at it tomorrow before game. Sucks that a great product becomes **** because their techs had to rush to complete the orders.
    15. Vindicator
      nothing's been shipped even the accessories i ordered along with the rifle. they're likely holding on to it to combine the shipping. I've already waited a month now i gotta slap on an additional week, man this sucks

      Anything you can tell me about the rifle that they left out in the product description? like a tighten this, tape up this, dont dip it in this?
    16. Vindicator
      When did you order your ASGI G4 and how long did it take you to ship? i ordered mine more then a month ago and the release date has been pushed back another 10 days
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