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This is my baby, my first GBB ever purchased. I started upgrading first by buying 2 CO2 magazines, then with real wood and mother of pearl inlaid Punisher style grips. After this, I purchased a "New Shuey" Custom Slide from Redwolf Airsoft. Herein lies the beginning of my problems upgradeing this pistol. Redwolf Airsoft ensured me via email that the slide should be completely compatible with my gun. Unfortunately, many parts in my gun were uncompatible. I encountered small issues with the slide fitting the blowback chassis, but these were easily solved with the trusty dremel. Unfortunately, I encountered much larger issues with the sights, they were certainly not compatible. In my efforts to remedy this problem, I destroyed my stock KJW blowback chassis. When I told Redwolf airsoft of the problems I encountered with their product, they were very rude and unhelpful. As a result, I will no longer be a customer of theirs. I then purchased some Dytec 5.1 glow in the dark sights, and with some dremeling these fit, but not well. As a reult, I tapped out the sights and a 5KU blowback chassis, and put in a larger skrew. With Locktite, this setup works fairly well. I then purchased a PDI 6.01mm 7 inch barrel, a Shooter's Design compensator ready outter barrel and Shooter's Design Compensator. In this same purchase, I purchased an AIP barrel plug, and an Action upgrades recoil and hammer spring. While trying to install the new PDI barrel, I noticed the wear on the metal of the stock KJW hopup unit. It could no longer hold a barrel in tightly, it could no longer keep the friction fit needed between it and the outer barrel, and the skrews began to strip, despite my best efforts. This ultimately led to me using a stock WE hopup in my pistol, witch works well, but unfortunately meant I needed to use a WE spring guide as well, and this desgin is not as sturdy as KJW's design, but hey it works. As a result of the skrews in the hopup unit failing, I lost my RA Tech hopup bucking. I intend to get a new upgraded hopup bucking soon, as well as an AIP hopup unit. This is the extent of the upgrades done to my pistol, all done by yours truely. I also have a Maggaurd on the pistol, which is a great invention. It is a velcro strap the keeps your magazine in your pistol. I am happy overall with these upgrades. I am easily able to shoot 35 yards with my pistol, and 50 yards isn't impossible. I'll be very interested to see how much range I'll gain with a new hopup bucking. I noticed a drop of atleast 50 FPS when I started using the WE hopup unit and bucking, so I hope that when I upgrade these parts, I will be able to regain some velocity, and perhaps some range. I will also eventually be getting a new loading nozzle, the KJW stock part is begining to wear out. I'd like to list a few parts that I must advise against using in your endeavors, so here I go.

EA Metal Loading Nozzle- Chops BB's and breaks magazine lips.

Action Spring Set- Doesn't fit flawlessly, when forced to fit, almost identical to orginal springs.

Airsoft Surgeon New Shuey Slide- Badly advertised as "1911 compatible", which is a flat lie. Also has compatibility issues with common hi-capa upgrade parts.

Dytac Sights- The plug of glow in the dark paint in the front sight fell out after only a few magazines.

Redwolf Airsoft- Trust nothing they have to say.

Cheers, hope you enjoy this little review.



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