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Showcase cover image for .357 Python

General Information

For the price they came ($60) I do not expect the best guns around but overall I must say they look okay. I just got them so you'll have to wait until I've actually put them to the test to know whether they are good.

I bought two of them, which I intend to use for CQB, where 230fps is enough. I do not plan on shooting out teeth or making people bleed anyways.
Seeing as these work with shells buying a pair seemed like a good option, as I have 48bbs available without having to reload.

When I have to reload I have to open the cylinder, remove the shells and reload each with 4 bbs.
Gas is stored internally in the pistol grip and holds enough for about 50 shots.

And the hopup screw is found at the top of the gun, right infront of the hammer(which actually moves when you shoot).



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