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General Information

This started it\'s life as a WG 708 CO2 revolver. There aren\'t any upgrade or aftermarket parts for these pistols, so I decided to take it into my own hands.

I bring you the S.W.C. 708 Classic.

I replaced the plastic grip with a custom hand-made Kimpoi wood grip. As for performance modifications, here\'s where it gets complicated. I took a section cut from a steel inner barrel. (Stock barrel is an aluminum 6.05 with no hopup). I milled a hop window into the new steel barrel and fitted it with a fixed R-Hop. Due to the design of these revolvers, the inner barrel must move back and forth under the tension of a spring, so it can seal aginst each BB chamber in the cylinder for every shot. Due to this design, the barrel also freely rotates, this is why these revolvers don\'t come with any sort of hop up. This rotating would abviously cause the R-Hop to also rotate, which would make the accuracy even worse than stock! So I had to mill a groove along the bottom of the inner barrel, and fit a hidden grub screw inside the outer barrel. The grub screw and groove work together to let the inner barrel slide back and forth freely, so the gun will function as it should. But keeps the inner barrel from rotating. This keeps the R-Hop centered for every shot.

The stock range on these is about 70ft, I\'m getting around 170ft with my anti-rotational R-Hopped barrel.



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