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my kids introduced me to airsofting in the summer of 2010. as a former mechanic and product designer, working on AEG's came easy for me. i have 2 sons and 2 daughters. the oldest daughter and the two boys airsofts. we also enjoy shooting real steel (FNH ps90 and various hand guns).

my specialty are v2 and v6 gearboxes. i prefer DMR builds but i have also done DSG builds but never bothered to field them because of feeding issues. i didn't think modding electric mags would be worth it. so i keep my high speed builds at 35 rps. the problem i have with short stroking is that i can't use those parts for other AEG's if and when i need to.

electrical systems is also my specialty. i'm debating if i should start producing my own mosfets by copying the AWS microfet design.



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