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Showcase cover image for A&K M249 SAW and M60E4

General Information

So I have two guns here, I'm too lazy to take separate pictures since this is an old pic I have, the A&K M249 SAW and the A&K M60E4. The M249 is equipped with a G&P M145 3.4x zoom Eclan scope, 2500rd box mag, and some inert 5.56mm bullets for looks. The M60E4 is pretty much stock, nothing too special about it. Both of these guns have had hop-up problems, A&K's LMGs are known for that, but they work pretty well, now that I fixed them. I've had the M249 for about 5 years now, it is my go-to gun and is one of my favorite AEGs in my collection, the M60 I got a little less than a year ago, and it needs a little work, but maybe someday it will be as good as my M249 is.



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