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Showcase cover image for A&K Upgraded Full Metal SVD Sniper Rifle (600 FPS) Dragunov

General Information

This is one of three guns I just ordered.
These are my first \"REAL\" airsoft guns I have owned.
Never played before , but I love the idea.

This gun is nice . Very heavy compered to my old plastic backyard plinkers .
In order to use a scope you must buy a separate scope mount as the gun only has iron sights.
After playing with it a bit (not shooting ) I find that the spring is not as hard to pull as I was worried about. It is hard but totally doable. It might make it a bit hard in a fight but again it is a sniper gun and not meant for fast shooting .



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How you made it to 600fps?
(Here the spring sniper limit is 600fps but can’t shoot enemyes nearer than 25m) I try to upgrade my Koer svd to 600 without any succes :( it got m180 spring, airsoft pro hopup chamber, 6,02 stainless steel barrel and airsoft pro gen4 piston. But it still making 480fps with 0,2bb