A+ Studio Hop Up Rubber

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    A+ Studio hop up rubber is advertised as being capable of stretching
    the range of your airsoft gun more than noticeably. First video of
    this product showed a WE Glock 18C accurately shooting out to 60
    metres (197 feet). Let’s see how much of this is true.
    not the mechanical type, so Im just gonna give you my impressions on
    this rubber. I turned it inside out so you can see the surface that
    gives the BB its spin: it’s much wider than the average rubber and
    the circumference seems to give a more
    hop up rubber comes in a little plastic baggie, together with a small
    piece of paper stating the hardness level (depending on the power
    your gun is shooting at), you may need a 60’ (up to 330 fps), a 70’
    (340-390 fps) or an 80’ 83’ (390 fps and above), and the type of
    gun for which this specific rubber is made (AEG, Gas Pistol or sniper
    rifle, careful: just a few models can take this rubber).
    wish they came mounted on a piece of plastic tube (like Madbull’s),
    as mine came a bit flattened. No hop up nub is included. I guess you
    can use the standard one.


    these parts is very easy (once you get the inner barrel and hop up
    unit out; this can take less than a minute on most M4 type AEGs, to
    10 minutes on more complicated guns). Get yourself a disassembly
    guide for your gun, study it, get a clean working surface (white
    towel so small parts dont jump around and can be easily seen).
    the hop up unit. Take the standard rubber out and substitute with the
    XX. Make sure it’s in the correct position. Carefully mount back
    into hop up chamber and reassemble the whole gun.
    theory is that the wider contact surface is going to provide the BB
    with a more thorough backspin. Also, the inner curve of the contact
    surface should provide better control of the BB, as it is touching it
    more widely, which should increase precision, IMO. There are people
    on this forum who know whay more about the physics of these. Look for
    hop up rubber mods, R-Hop, etc.



    used KSC 0,20 gram BBs.
    tested this in a stock JM SR-16 with a 13.5’ barrel (CQBR style).
    Stock inner barrel (cleaned), stock everything. Stock FPS: 341-352.
    Hop up adjusted.
    average range of the gun was (in a circle of about 2 meters in
    diameter) from where I was shooting in kneeling position: 60 meters
    (200 feet).
    around 30 meters (100 feet), I hit this box 12/20 times.
    12 meters (40 feet) I got this grouping.

    the same gun, after just changing the hop up rubber and leaving
    everything else as it was, I got these results:
    went up to 358-366. Because of the tighter fit against the BB,
    there’s a better seal, I guess.
    Shooting from more or less the same position, I got the BBs to drop
    at around 80 meters (260 feet).
    around 30 meters (100 feet), I hit this box 18/20 times.
    12 meters (40 feet) I got this grouping.



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