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hi my ZERO from team ECHO and we are semi pro team that plays airsoft in semo fredericktown mo its a woodland CQB i like playing here more that anything else and others players that wanna play get in free short drive or long drive over night camping or just a day trip for fun the resane i do this is becuase there is no where to play airsoft in semo thats any fun or close to us i also host turneys but that is a $10 intro fee a person so the winning team can make some money of it i will be putting up a video on youtube when we get done making up grades for the CQB area i also am going to start having mission base games im going to use this site and shout outs on yputube for up coming events you can get ahold of our team ny calling 15739150737 or email us at [email protected] thanks hope to see you semo airsofters soon



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