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General Information

I go by the name of Ray, I\'m 16, I live in the middle of Texas, and I\'m the leader of TeamMarine.

Although I train my team in movement and shooting tactics, I\'m also learning from real Marines on other things, since I\'m also planning on joining those Marines when I\'m 18.

I airsoft every Sunday and occasionally other days too, but I live in an area that doesn\'t have any fields to my knowledge. So I airsoft in a friends field.

Because my team is a little new, I\'m looking for anyone that wants to join. Please, don\'t be afraid to ask questions about my team or how to be recruited, I also don\'t care whether you\'re all the way across the united states from me and my team, I already have 1 unit leader in Washington. I\'ll have unit names listed later, but for now, just let me know if you want to join.

From TeamMarine Leader - Have a nice day!



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