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Showcase cover image for AGM Full Metal M4 RIS (beginners gun)

General Information

This is the AGM Full Metal M4 RIS. I bought this gun for a friend that is just getting into Airsoft because I figure it\'s a good beginner weapon. Some parts were a little loose, but all I had to do was tighten some stuff and now it\'s fine, barrel still wobbles a little though, the finish has very good looks and feel, but it does scratch and rub off easily, I hope he will like the look of a warn down gun eventually haha. Gearbox actually runs pretty smoothly for a Chinese gun, I was somewhat impressed. All I had to do was throw in a couple of shims and correct the AOE. Has solid steel bushings,steel spring guide, good airseal, and a super tough piston. Also repping a functioning bolt catch and a metal hop up chamber. The gun has crappy accuracy with generic .20g bbs but excellent accuracy with Elite Force .25g bbs. This gun should last a while before any replacment parts or upgrades will be required, and I think my friend will enjoy it as his first gun.



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