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Hey guys, my names David! i'v been on this forum for awhile now and just getting around to the player registry. Sooooo, i'v been around airsoft for about 5-6 years now but just got into playing games and guns that are better then crosman about a year ago. Dont let this fool you though, i like to consider myself very knowledgeable in both airsoft guns, safety, gun maintenance etc. I try to play airsoft as much as possible, but only manage to get out about once a week, and i have a group of about10 other guys that i regularly play with. I play in both official fields and "unofficial fields". By this i mean in a forest on a private piece of land that one of my buddies owns, we play very safe though, don't think that this is by any mean a "backyard war". We all make sure to wear eyepro, no headshots, mercy rule, a designated out of game firing zone just to name a few of the safety precautions we have. I am 15 years old but by no means am immature when it comes to airsoft, i always carry my guns in a case, wear proper eye and face protection, respect the rules of the game, respect other players, and try to make sure everybody has a good time. I like to try to help out newer players on this forum in a nice manor because i know how it feels to be the new guy who has lots of questions. When i am not airsofting, i enjoy paintballing (lol) mountain biking, basketball, and just being outside. In the future i hope to be able to open my own airsoft store in my hometown, because we only have 1 within an hours drive. Anyways, play safe, play hard, and enjoy the thrill of the game. Cheers



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