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General Information

I was introduced to airsoft in 2007. Shortly after, I purchased a S&W M4505 spring pistol as my first airsoft gun. I eventually purchased my first AEG, an AGM HK 614. After a year of use and some upgrading, I replaced the AGM with a KWA KM4 RIS.

I initially played in my or a friend\'s backyard. Sometime around 2009, I began attending regional Midwest events and informal local fields. Whenever I was off the field, I frequently browsed the Airsoft Retreat, Airsoft Forum, Arnies Airsoft, and Airsoft Barracks forums.

I took a hiatus from airsofting when I joined the USN.

After leaving the USN, I picked up airsofting again. During my absence, airsofting technology had rapidly advanced, forcing me to catch up on my airsofting knowledge. While bringing myself up to speed on the advancements, I became obsessed with long range precision. Ever since then, I\'ve dedicated myself to understanding the physics and engineering behind airsoft long range precision shooting.

In 2015, I fulfilled a longtime aspiration by joining a MilSim team that attended national events. I was tired of the speedsoft-style play that dominated local fields, and I longed for the MilSim style of play I experienced back in the Midwest. My gear rapidly evolved to accommodate these new demands, resulting in my present day kit.



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