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Hey folks,

I will come to Joplin for my mass communication studies in 12/2013 and
want to play airsoft in the states. Also I want to write some articles
about airsoft in the US for the German Airsoft Magazine, because we
reported only about games in Europe and I want to change that.

A littlebit about myself: I play airsoft for 12 years now, my age is 25.
Since 3 years I play with my actual team in Bremen. We play mostly on
bigger games with 200 til 600 players in Germany, Denmark or in the
Czech Republic. Our speciality is CQB, because I had a holiday apartment
on a former russian military base for a longer time that included an
airsoft field with lots of buildings and a tank driving school. I play
with a equipment thats similar to Stargate SG1 and also with some
german stuff.

So I will stay in the US for nearly nine months - lots of time for good
games! Unfortunately I cant take my airsofts with me. It wont be a
pleasure when I have to say "I really know what you think. Please dont
arrest me" at the luggage control at JFK airport.

I hope that somebody here can help me with your (airsoft) gun rights,
finding a team in Missouri, better the 4 states area and Joplin, good
events, yeah the normal newbie questions. I hope you make an exception
for me because of the language handicap ;-) Some helpfull links would be
okay, I also hate it to write the basic facts ten times a month to
people with an awful grammar.

I know, Ive a year til I will be in Joplin, but the time is running and
everything a plan in advance will reduce the planning stress in autumn

Nice greetings



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