• Here\'s my new field AK now that my AK-104 has been converted to a CQB setup and my MP5K is temporarily out of commission. I had some initial air seal issues, turns out the cylinder got damaged somehow. I replaced the Guarder stainless steel cylinder with a polished brass cylinder and now it sits at 1.4 joules with acceptable consistency. I also had some initial issues with the GATE MERF 3.2 unit I bought for it, this was caused by the piston binding on the spring for some reason, this has been fixed and it now runs smoothly and reliably. The ROF clocks in at approx. 38rps with the current setup, this is adjustable with the MERF if I feel like lowering the ROF.

    Gearbox and barrel assembly:
    VFC 8mm GB shell
    Modify Ceramic bearings
    SHS 3rd gen 13:1 ratio gears
    Guarder SP 130 spring (2 teeth short stroke)
    Guarder steel bearing spring guide
    SHS 15T piston (lightly swissed)
    Lonex POM piston head
    Lonex cylinder head
    Lonex nozzle
    SHS High Torque motor (16 TPA version)
    Prometheus stainless steel 6.03mm 460mm barrel
    Flat hopped TM bucking with Prommy flat nub

    Turnigy 16AWG silicone wiring
    GATE MERF 3.2 computerized mosfet
    Hobbyking XT \"Deans\" contacts
    Hyperion 11.1V 45C 900mAh li-po


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