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Hey I\'m Alex, I\'m 16 going on 17 and I live in Duluth, Minnesota. Some other activities I like to do is football and baseball. I golf and I love roller coasters. In the winter I ski and snowboard, I also skat 3-4 times a week. I\'m a very good hockey player from what I am told. In school I can maintain a 3.75 GPA, I\'m very good at math and I enjoy journalism. As for airsoft I am on a CAG impression team kindve, my team leader does the impression and the rest of the team follows up on him. I\'m the runner up though, everybody else is to lazy to get cryes but I got some. I plan on doing a thorough kit but I can\'t afford a $400 multicam jpc so I\'ll stick with flyye. I run a dark earth mk18 with a WE glock 18 w/ 4 mags as a sidearm.I am putting together a team in my area that focuses a little less on gear and a little more on guns. The team will have m81 bdus and OD gear. Me, my tech, and 2 other people are on the team so far. This summer we hope to be big in Minnesota, maybe someday we can get sponsored. What I will be running for this team will be a mk12 mod 1 DMR with a KJW m9 w/ 5 mags as my sidearm.This summer after the loadouts above I hope to do a solo kit. I was thinking the lone survivor kit cause I though it would be unique but as days progressed people started making and buying mk12 mod 1s so I\'m on the fence with the loadout right now.I am a committed player to this sport, I try to get people who don\'t play involved in airsoft. I have been airsoft info for 6 years now, I have about 3.5k-5k in airsoft up to date and I don\'t plan on stopping there. I plan on airsofting for years to come. I hope to one day open an airsoft shop in my town so airsoft will grow here. I hope to be a conditioned tech by July, got a lot of work to do but I can do it.Fun facts about me: I play 3rd base for 3 different baseball teams that I play for. I am a safety and a running back on my football team.My top 5 movies: no order1. Star Trek into darkness2. Lone survivor3. Captain Philips4. Gran Torino 5. Saving private Ryan or Blackhawk down (both great movies)My top 5 favorite tv shows: (no particular order)1. Sons of guns2. The following3. The walking dead4.the Big Bang theory5.counting cars or pawn starsThanks for reading my little bio!



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