"Aligator" Custom Post-Apocalyptic UMP-45

  • This is an Elite force, H&K licensed, UMP-45 AEG (with a few modifications, of course). The Gearbox:
    I have left the full metal V3 gearbox in this thing alone, other than the addition of an SRC High-performance motor, and a 10.8v NiMH battery to increase rate of fire.
    The Accessories:
    The rail covers are rubber Lancer Tactical rail covers that I bought quite cheap on Ebay. My optics are a Matrix 2x42 red/green dot scope. As for the foregrip, I\'m not quite sure when I bought it, but it\'s just a generic full size metal foregrip.
    I use UFC 110rd mid-capacity magazines, because the gun fires too quickly for my high-capacity magazines.
    There is a 363mm Madbull aircraft aluminum 6.01 tightbore inner barrel tucked away inside the silencer. The silencer is actually something I built myself. It is a 12\" section of 1\" PVC pipe that I shimmed with some duct tape (to fit snug within the handguard) and painted black. If you look closely, you can see the holes I drilled in the muzzle end of the pipe for added effect.
    Cheek rest:
    This is the other homemade part of this gun, finishing the post-apocalyptic feel. The cheek rest is a 6-7\" piece of foam covering for 3/4 in. piping that I attached to the stock with two zipties.

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