• - 19, VA/TN, been playing for 9 years, currently in college so airsoft has taken a back seat on my budget, but I still play regularly.

    - I play Mil-Sim, CQC, and role play equally, I love the variety of gameplay each brings to the table.

    - I like to play a variety of roles.
    - Like most players I started as a rifleman and I have that down pat.
    - As one of the fastest people you\'ll ever meet and being rather short, I can move really fast and get into cover lickity-split, which is a great advantage to have as a medic.
    - I play a mediocore/decent support player. I\'m short and stalky so a heavy weight loadout is a piece of cake for me. (allowing me to carry the extra needs of the squad.) As I don\'t have a fully dedicated LMG yet, the best I can do is a KWA SR-10 which can easily put out enough volume to keep heads down when my squad needs it.
    - I just recently began the adventure into becoming an airsoft sniper with my newly acquired Ares SL-9. While I\'m a decent sniper right now, I look forward to becoming one of the best soon enough.
    - I love to role play for larger OPs, I often go the extra foot to really present an interesting character that goes beyond the bland and effortless role player that so many otherwise good OPs are plagued with.

    - Feel free to message me if you want anymore information, I never turn down a chance to talk about airsoft or make a new friend.


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