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General Information

Nickname: Mia

Player Nickname: Ruthless Princess

Age: 22

Location: Indianapolis, Indiana

The other tid-bits:
" Hello. My name is Mia and I just recently began playing Airsoft in July of 2012. My main reason for playing was to keep my mind distracted after my partner left to become a soldier of the United States Army...another reason is because I thrive off of the occasional adrenaline rush. "

" Right out of high school I was training for the military but got a scholarship so I went to college instead. I regret that decision often and with my partner already in the military I did not want to complicate things even further by joining. Airsoft gives me back a little of what I believe I lost by never joining the service. I believe it's a way to better myself physically and mentally."

"I am currently looking for others that play in the Indiana area and who would like to get together for random skirmishes or paired matches. I do have a very poor loadout at the moment but I have enough to get me by. I'm not a leader when it comes to teams but I have the means to survive on my own if the group gets separated from me."
"I'm looking forward to learning a lot through these forums and connecting with others that don't mind chatting it up with an Airsoft girl."

Big Ben Yellow Tinted Anti-Fog Goggles,
ACU (full uniform),ACU Digital Poly Cotton Camouflage T-Shirt,
Military Ranger Cap w/ Map Pocket,
Condor MOLLE Tactical H2O Pouch, ACU Full Tactical vest w/Pistol holder (leg drops),
Condor Hydration Bladder for Body Armor, Backpack, Carriers, Camel Back with Drinking Tube, 2 speed loaders, flashlight.
WE Full Metal Limited Edition Nighthawk Custom 1911Gas Blowback,
Javelin Full Metal M4A1 Electric Blowback Airsoft AEG Rifle,
Woodland BDU (full uniform),
Camelback (basic black), fingerless black gloves with padding, black combat boots.

I'm still working on getting some supplies. Things such as face masks, and such. I am also looking to get other uniforms as well...



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