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Showcase cover image for APS AKS74U Real Wood Shabby EBB Rifle (ASK 205A)

General Information

APS AKS74U Real Wood Shabby EBB Rifle (ASK 205A)

  • APS Airgun Limited is a worldwide supplier for
    military training and Real Action Game equipment. APS's products are
    tailored for military and law enforcement requests and their equipment.

    APS becomes the member of Qian Wei Paintball Support
    Limited factory, which already has been established and manufactures
    Real Action Game equipments (e.g. Real Action Marker®) over 10 years
    since 1993, and operates as a Sales Department in order to promote and
    sell Real Action Game equipments for worldwide.
  • "Electronic Blow Back - ASK Series".
  • 1/1 scale Airsoft Replica of AK74 Series Model

    Enjoy electric power bolt recoil with Semi & Fully Automatic Shooting mode

    Realistic Shabby Metal & Wood Surface

    MOSFET Inside

    Stamp Steel Receiver Body Constructed

    Classical Metal Side Folding Stock

    Handguard Set with real Wood finishing

    Aluminum AK74 Style Muzzle Brake

    Full Metal AK Type hi-cap magazine accommodate 600
    Rounds of 6mm Plastic BB (compatible with most of other AK Type AEG

    Top receiver accommodate up to 8.4V Ni-MH (Stick Type) Rechargeable Battery.(battery sold separately)

    6.08mm precision barrel shot over 380FPS out of the box!! Amazing Power!!
  • Electric Blowback! Reasonable Cost! High Quality Control!

    We recommend you this APS ASK Series if realism plus efficiency is your consideration in airsoft game.



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