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I have here with me my little beauty, the ARES Amoeba CCR.
This is the second airsoft gun I have owned (3rd if you count a \'springer from way back when)


When I first started airsoft, I thought longer barrel = better accuracy, so I went and got myself the G&G CM16, long barrel edition.

I quickly found out that long orange-tipped barrels tended to be more of a flag then a help during combat.
So, after a few trips to the field with my CM16, I decided it was time to get something that would be a little more beneficial to my play style. Something small, but with full-auto capabilities, and the ability to use M4 magazines, which are pretty common.

THE PURCHASE------ Bought the Amoeba CCR.

It was small, had safe/semi/auto, folding stock, and took M4 magazines. \'Nuff said.

I bought it, along with the ARES programmer, a 11.1v 1800mAh stick LiPo, a red-dot site, green laser, and a 3000 round auto-winding drum magazine. The gun itself came with a 300rd hi-cap.


Out of the box, I noticed one thing. It was LOUD. Probably because of the shorter barrel?
With the 11.1volt I was running around 17 rps. I don\'t know the exact FPS, though it IS on the lower end if the spectrum. 280-310ish.
The range is around 50 feet on-target, with around 100 foot range.
The programmer (which you hook up between the gun and the battery to program the gun) works well and is very easy to use. It switches the gun between Safe/semi/auto, Safe/semi/3rd burst, Safe/3rd burst/auto, and Safe/semi/semi.

Folding stock works great. I find its super comfortable to use, and super light. Honestly I usually keep it folded and use the gun as a sort of pistol/smg for speed, but when not moving much and using the CCR as a sort of make-shift \'supressive\' role with the drum magazine, its great to just flip the stock out and shoulder the \'lil beast.

Because it is so small, most of the weight comes from the gearbox itself. This mean that the piston snap is felt pretty reasonably. And with the RoF upgrade, the thing feels like a mini palm sander at full auto.


I threw on a red/green multi-rectical dot sight, along with a green laser, a sight protector, and a 3000rd drum magazine (Yes, I know I will get horribly bashed for this by all Mil-Simers ;D)

I find that the dot sight its very helpful for on-target advancing as well as quickly attaining an aim. I have it set to its highest green brightness setting, with a cross hair recticle.

The laser is also semi-helpful, though now its more of a tacti-cool feature. Once in a while it is useful for spotting out enemy cover spots for teamates. It certainly does add a bit of psychological suppression as well, as any laser might. I have the laser touch button taped to the foregrip for easy access.

The auto-winding Drum Magazine is overkill. I know. Especially since the field I go to is semi-auto only. HOWEVER the fact I can repeatedly pull the trigger in CQB and not have to worry about dry fire, winding, or reloading is a mess off my brain. The sound control function works great, and I estimate it has at LEAST 30-34 BBs per second load rate. It also gets me looks from others.
A tiny gun with a drum magazine is a bit of an attention getter, and comical-cool all around.
I have to say though, lugging around 3000 rounds at a semi-only game is super inconvenient. I probably only have around 1000-1500 rounds in it at the start of any one game.


First day at the field revealed that I was MUCH more comfortable with this then my longer rifle. My playstyle consists of outdoor \'CQB\' At the arena I go too, there is an area of large concrete pipes, cut and tipped on their end. Using those as cover I can quickly advance.
The gun is small. Super small. I can keep it pinned to my body, and very comfortable switch hands without dealing with a stock in my way. I also find I can hold the gun directly in front of my face to look down the sight with a bulky mask, whereas with stocked guns my cheek/goggle edge would have to fight for room.
The battery compartment also acts as a riser. So even with the stock unfolded its still very bulky-mask-friendly.

Absence of a long barrel helps ensure a small profile. Less noticeable behind rounded cover, or corners. And VERY maneuverable. CQB Friendly all the way.

However, range and power is this rifle\'s weak points. Accuracy outside of around 40-50 feet is not so hot. Then again, I was expecting as much!


The stock motor is a torque motor (For a M90 spring, seriously??)
I calculated I was only getting around 18,000 rpms @ 11.1v for a rate of 17rps.

I have just dropped in a SHS High-speed motor for $35. Best money spent so far!!
The rate of fire is noticeably MUCH faster. I have yet to take it to a chrono station, so I am left to guess around 25rps. Sucks my 1800mAh 15-30C Lipo down pretty fast though. Lipo heats up on full-auto, as well as the connection wires.
To hopefully remedy this I have a 11.1v 2500 mAh 30-50C Lipo on the way.
Drum mag still feeds fine with no dry-firing.


For future upgrades, I want to throw in a heavier spring. Stock spring is probably an M90. I will test out an M100 and an M110 later and hopefully get a bit more power out of it, without sacrificing too much rps.

I also want to change out the Tamiya connectors for some good ol\' Deans.

No more speed upgrades until I can shim my gearbox. Shims are on their way as I speak.
Might upgrade stock 18:1 gearset to a 16:1 highspeed, along with a spring upgrade.

The gun is made seemingly entirely of polymer. I was worried at first, but after handling the gun I would not have it any other way. Its EXTREMELY tough, but also light.
As the gun comes, its 1930g/4lb
With the battery, laser, and dotsight, 2070g/5lb
With the fully loaded 3000rd drum magazine, 2847g/6.5lb

Removing the stock does not make a noticeable weight difference. Holding the stock itself shows that it indeed weighs little to none.


I love this thing to pieces. However, not having much airsoft experience in general, I will do my best to rate it fairly!

Durability: 4/5 Polymer can be scratched, but super tough!

Range: 4/5 It comes as described. A CQB weapon. NOT ranged.

Power: 3/5 Honestly I was disappointed. M90 spring anyone?

Accuracy: 4/5 Drops sharply after 50 feet. Again, in CQB, is not really noticeable.

Upgradability: 4/5 Gearbox sector gear has a magnet set in it that tells the EFC the positioning of the gears/piston. You cant replace it with a random stock sector gear (unless you set a magnet in there as well)

Looks: 6/5 People will recognize you as the guy with the tiny gun. I even got called out for it during break by the reffs who noted I was pushing front lines faster then most others during the game. A few other players also wanted closer looks at it. All-in-all, no one called me out for having an oversized magazine


For what its made for, CQB, Its a 4.5/5. Power was disappointingly low. Of course no enemy wants to get shot point-blank with a 350FPS AGE during battles.

All-in-all its a super compact BB sprayer. EXACTLY what I was looking for. Easy to keep up tight to a bulk face mask, and pretty light to boot.
The RoF upgrade makes it a force to be reckoned with. Makes up for the accuracy some too. I wouldn\'t have it any other way~

Any questions are greatly appreciated, and I look forward to connecting with yall!




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