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Showcase cover image for ARES Knight's Armament M110(SR-25)

General Information

Stock internals with some external add-ons.Added tan mags, tan hand guards (Energy diamond plate), & tan Knight\'s Armament QDC barrel extension. Also have the ETS programmer and changed auto to 3 rd burst. One downside to this gun. Mags are hard to find & not cheap either($30ea). They are proprietary to ARES too so other SR-25 mags will not work. Messaged ARES HK on Facebook and they had someone from Zshot contact me. Zshot has now added them to their webpage. Come in black & tan. Also this gun has positive/CW barrel threads. I got this gun from the Airsoft GI BB Warz mystery box. Airsoft GI, along with most other sites, do not give thread type in their listing(including ARES & Zshot). Evike says negative. IT IS POSITIVE.
Added tan Element scope, scope mount, & T1.



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