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Although there isn't to much more I am looking to obtain gear wise for my load out there are plenty of upgrades that are in the process of being started for both my weapons. I've been playing airsoft on and off for about 2 years now and have played in both cqb and outdoor style fields. I prefer field play for my AO due to the freedom and wide variety of space which I feel is needed to play airsoft as a sniper/marksman. I am learning to be a more patient airsofter as I recently took on the role of sniping however I also wont hesitate to be a rusher as well. Now that I am permanently returning to the game of airsoft I am looking for a team in the California east bay (Fremont, San Jose, Union City, Milpitas) area. Other than that I still have some ways to go before my load out is done so the pictures I posted are of my old gear...just fyi.



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