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General Information

This is my ASG G36C. Cool, performant and practical gun.
The FPS is around the 350 mark. All the internals are in metal, I haven't had a problem worth opening the gun yet.
One con of the semi-automatic mode is that the trigger isn't very responsive, so getting a MOSFET in there might be a great idea. Luckily, the gearbox is TM compatible and easy to upgrade (from what I've heard, I'm not a tech yet). Sometimes I can also fire 3rd bursts, God knows how :)
The folding stock is just excellent, doesn't wobble an inch and gives a staisfying "click" when it locks into place.
The rails and adjustable (two apertures, adjustable windage) ironsights are in metal.
There is one bottom and one top rail, but there are slots for two other side rails on the handguard. Note that the ambidextrous sling points on the lower front rail block the way of a flashlight/laser, so that you can only attach a grip or bipod.
The selector switch, sling points and charging handle are ambidextrous. The sling points and the switch are in metal.
The only problem is to connect the battery. It is really hard and painful. I think it is the only con though.
The G36c weitghts about 6 pounds, and mesures 20 inches with the stock folding, or 28 inches without the stock folded. The real steel weights exactly the same, and is made of the same material, so this replica is quite realistic.
The hop-up can be accessed by pulling the charging handle. It isn't all that great, but gives you about 30-40 feet extra range. With the hop-up fully tuned you can hit a human sized target at 150 feet easily.
In the box you get: the gun itself, a highcap 470rd mag (never had any issue with that either), a cleaning rod, a nice manual (worth reading), some silicon (in grains) and a sample of medium grade BBs. The box itself is pretty, and everything is tightly packed in stirofoam (or whatever you call it in english lol).



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