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General Information

Internals are DONE!!!!! Don\'t know exact FPS and ROF because I havent been to a chrono in a while buuuutt I can give you this info:
16awg wiring
11.1 2650mah 25-50c lipo
SHS HT motor
SHS 13:1 gears
SHS piston
ZCI BB spring guide
ZCI piston head
Element cylinder head
lonex air nozzle
SHS 8mm steel bushings
Short stroked 2 teeth
All modifications done(flat hop, shimming, AOE yadda yadda yaddda)
Shoots pretty fast and smooth but I\'ve only used it in 1 game so far so it needs further testing.
Had to get metal upper to fix loose rail and also had to mod it, if you need to do the same check this out: in May 2013



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