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I\'m new here, and to the group-airsoft world. My experience comes from neighborhood games between a hand full of young adults. I\'m looking for bigger ops with strategic players.

I live in North Austin. The options for retail gear are pretty limited, and the prospects for battlefields seem slim. Any help or guidance in those areas would be greatly appreciated. My only idea so far is hitting up TPB some Sunday.

My loadout is coming together slowly but surely. I have ACU cross draw vest, combat shirt, combat pants, double mag pouch, and drum mag pouch that hold all the ammo I think I could need for me and my squad. Still working on protection for my face and such, but that\'s about it and help or knowledge in gear would be great too.

I\'m a mechanic, I\'ve been applying those skills in working on my rifle. Haven\'t upgraded anything yet, only disassemble to clean it up and thredlock some key bolts. I\'m interested in helping any mods/upgrades on my or anyone\'s arms as well as helping in any entrenchment, construction, or vehicle \"upgrades\" in the pursuit of airsoft war.



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