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Hello Airsoft Society, my name is Austin. I have been Airsofting for about a little more than three years now in the Southern Virginia Area. Not much to say about me except I go out to my local field about every other weekend, and have started going to Ballahack every month or two. Other than that I am pretty much just one of those all around guys, where I can either stay back and support from a distance using my sniper (or even my M4 sometimes), or get into the heat of the battle with my M4. Mostly I will just do what my team needs at the moment, since I carry a lot of gear with me. Also, my favorite part of my Loadout is probably myAirsoft Innovations Tornado Timer Grenade. That grenade has saved me in countless situations, and is great for clearing rooms too. Sorry about the low resolution pictures, I'll try to get some high quality ones in the near future.



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