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General Information

Got it from my friend again. $20 and some spare CO2 bulbs I
had. Like most of the things I get from him it needed some work, however he was
kind enough to have fixed it up before hand such that the detonator actually
works now. But where\'s the fun in that? ;)

After removing some of the rust and greasing the joints,
sewing new fabric over the holes in the original, and greasing any points of
friction against the inner plate, this thing seems to have gained some degree
of performance boost (though its hard to measure said boost).

While its capacity allows for 200 or so bbs, we found that
75 gives the optimal spread. Too many and the range decreases and some of the
bbs never leave the mechanism, too little and obviously you get no spread. With
75 and careful aiming, anything in the 20-50 foot range will get hit, and they
will feel it. NO I am not using rocks.

Internally its similar to two mouse traps and a brace.
Pulling the pin via trip wire allows an arm to twitch and move out of place,
releasing tension on a tab that holds the front plate in place. When nothing is
holding it back the springs snap outward, opening the face plate and chucking
the bbs held in the tarp/cloth.

Because of the wear and tear on the inside of the front
plate I am working on shaping some tin to lay on it. By having it there I
should be able to minimize the damage caused by the metal scraping upon

As is, this is so noisy and fun to use I am very much
looking forward to using it as a standard addition to my sniper role. Where I
play there are a lot of narrow paths and corridors, and this thing will have my



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