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    Bingfield is the only Airsoft and Paintball field on the Illinois side of the River, in southern Illinois. They are owned and operated locally, with the personnel being easy to get along with and polite. Paintball admissions are $20, and airsoft admissions are $15. Barrel covers are required for paintball and airsoft guns alike, and only cost an extra buck to rent. They have up to three types of play; free play, private party, and Operation events. Free play is self explanatory, and private party is for individuals who reserve and pay for a number of individuals to play privately. Operation events can be airsoft and paintball both, but we'll focus on airsoft for the purposes of this review. Airsoft ops are conducted almost monthly, and cost $20 to get in. They aren't as big or as serious as OLC, or some of the other big ones out west, but are really quite fun. They all involve a different plot, some of them are even sequels and/or prequels to a previous op. The ops range over a variety of different fields, usually taking up two to three fields at a time (some of the larger fields I might add).
    As for the fields, they are mostly constructed of either plywood and planks and sticks, large wire spools, inflatable objects, barrels, and concrete pipes. on the main part of the area, are the four smaller fields; Spools, Concrete, Inflatable (paintball only), and one or two intermixed fields with spools/barrels. On the other side, across the creek, are the three larger fields, and possibly most fun; Vietnam, Frontier, and Tanks. Vietnam field is a forest mock-up of a Vietnamese war battleground, lots of terrain (such as ditches, ridges, open spaces, and thick underbrush) with fake artillery, bunkers, and a watchtower. Frontier consists of lots of trees, a grouping a small, roofless plywood houses, a small rickety, tower in one corner, and a very large one sided fort with tower. Tanks is a large field with a bunch of wooden tanks sitting in it. It has very tall grass at times, and is surrounded by trees on all sides. All of them are a blast to play in and around.
    The clientele are generally agreeable, and respectful of private property and possessions. It's definitely a good place to meet other airsofters locally, and form teams. In a lot of cases, guys will travel for hours just to get here. It is one of the few airsoft fields in Illinois undoubtedly. Be warned though, there the occasional weasels and noob players, plus plenty of CODsofters and 3rd graders. And please, for the love of Tokyo Marui the god of airsoft, play honestly. There too many players there who are dishonest when hit. It makes people angry and ruins the fun. Play nice, OK? Here's a map and directions for Bingfield:http://www.bingfield.com/maps-and-directions.html
    Here's a link to their Facebook page:http://www.facebook.com/bingfield
    Also, some of you may or may not have heard of Airsoft Geek, but he goes to Bingfield frequently. Here are some links to his pages:
    He does a lot of photography and filming at the Bing Field. Enjoy.
    They are open on Saturdays and Sundays ONLY.


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