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General Information

About My Loadout
I tried to keep my loadout lightweight and breathable because it\'s Florida and as you know it\'s very hot here. For my rifleman loadout, I keep 6 midcaps and a highcap magazine on me while for my medic I keep 4 midcaps and a high cap.

About My Gun
More information you can check out my gun registry. I haven\'t done too much with my CRB, however, I did replace the spring inside to an m115. I plan on replacing the inner barrel to a Prometheus 6.03mm.

About Me
My name is Garrett, I live in Florida, and I started airsoft around 2012 while I was playing paintball, quitting for 4 years I came back to play airsoft. This is my 2017 Loadout, I play for Horizon 1. Now let\'s go out of airsoft and into my personal life. My hobbies are making videos or just recording things because it\'s what I do. I am a scuba diver and my favorite place to go diving at currently is Key Largo, I also have my boater license. I play Battlefield for the team Gen. I also yearly go to Citycon and Megacon (conventions in Florida) because there are a bunch of interesting things there.

(Still updating my loadout)

Gear List
Fast Helmet - Lancer Tactical
GoPro NVG Helmet Mount - GoPro
Headwrap - Matrix
BDU (Upper) - Tru-Spec
Gloves - Mechanix
JPC Plate Carrier A-TAC FG - Avengers
Magazine Pouch x3 - Phantom
Rip-away EMT Pouch - Condor
Ankle supporting shoes - Nikes

Krytac Trident MK2 CRB Wolf Grey
Magazines x6 - KWA
M115 Spring - Evike

Gun Accessories
Polymer Rear Folding Sight - Valken
Angled ForeGrip - Cobra Tactical
V-Tactical 1x20mm Red Dot - Valken



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