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I'm new to the player registry, but not new to the forums. I've been lurking around for
awhile now, gobbling up every bit of airsoft-related information since I began
my obsession slightly over a year and a half ago. So, without further ado, here's my story...

2011, I enjoyed airsofting in the backyard with my friends; which included
running around with springers in temperatures ranging from 90 to 30 degrees
here in the lovely Midwest. I loved it, and I really didn't want anything more
than that, until my friend took me to a local CQB warehouse for the first time.

I was
immediately hooked after gazing at the tan Magpul Masada he bought off the wall
at Airsoft X, and my obsession began there. Since then, I have had quite a
variety of guns (I still love my IWI very much to this day), which include collecting
many gems such as the OD Ares Tar, Magpul PTS Masada, King Arms Galil AR (SPF), and a
long-awaited Classic Army M14 EBR, with a Dboys 416 on the way.

My three major goals include
improving my teching skills enough to be completely independent, gain the
necessary knowledge to the point of possibly teching for friends next summer,
and finally finishing my work-in-progress loadout that is nearing completion; and through these goals,
hopefully join a traveling team next summer.

I love airsoft and it only gets
more and more interesting with every airsoft event. I look forward to getting
involved with more serious ops here in the Midwest, and become more well-known
in the local airsoft industry.



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