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This started off as a standard G26, however I came across a mk 18 ris II rail recently for an awesome price, and so the conversion began. New parts consist of- 12\" DD mk18 ris II, mad bull 12.5\" DD outer barrel, sure fire llc 7\" qd surpressor, mad bull ultimate tight bore (6.01) 509 mm inner barrel with a flat hopped pro win hop up. Gearbox upgrades are all Ace 1 Arms- cylinder, cylinder head, piston,piston head, nozzle, tappet plate, m90 spring, and spring guide... Low resistance wiring, mosfet, and deans will be installed in coming weeks.Furniture consists of an eotech 552, magpul rvg, gas pedal, rail covers, peq 15 (battery box), tac light, and Troy style flip up sights.



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