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Hey, So I am 15 and have been playing for 5 years.I have started a team called Blue Foxx Airsoft . All the guns that I have had/have are: Spring Crosman stinger pistol, Spring Walmart shotgun, spring Famas, KWC M&P40 CO2 black and KWC M&P40 Tan metal C02, a Aftermath typhon Co2 blow-back pistol, Well vz61 Scorpion MP, Thompson M1A1, JG G36, Echo 1 XCR-L Polymer Tan. When I play Airsoft I usually take the front center position or the far right flank to try to knock people off as they run by. I really enjoy the game and I hope I will be able to get to know some of you who enjoy it just as much or more than I do.



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