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I'm the guy with too many impressions and too much gear, and too freeking many guns. My major impressions include Vietnam Aircav Circa 1971, 2003 British 20th Mech Infantry, USGI circa 1980-1995 (Grenada, Desert Storm, and Bosnia) I also have several "Mercenary" impressions as well as Hadji. When I go play, it is all about fun, Jokes, and shooting my probbies. I prefer milsim, though somehow i get roped into LAPRing roles and NPC roles. You will find me either staffing a game, or somehow part of the staff. I love this hobby. I have made the best of friends in it. Due to injuries I don't play as often, but hot dog as of now, things are looking up and fields, here I come!
Did I mention I have no shame on the roles I play for OPs?
I am the King

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