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General Information

Bolt are new to the airsoft market and have come in with an electric recoil system that is worthy of any long-standing manufacturer. The patented MBSS gives a nice crisp jolt once the trigger is pulled and although not on the same level as a GBB, definitely gives a new dimension to the AEG market. I also purchased a KWA RM4 to compare and although the RM4 has a stronger punch into the shoulder, the Bolt has a more crisp and punchy recoil feel. It also helps that the wiring has been run under the buffer tube thus keeping the rifle wired to the rear, a bonus for those like myself who want to change out the rail.
The motor does smell a touch after prolonged use and Bolt have used a vented base on the pistol grip to keep the temperature down but this seems to be the only issue I\'ve encountered.
Inside the box comes a replacement wiring kit as there is a chance the removal of the battery can \'pull\' on the wires and damage them. It\'s a refreshing change to have spare parts provided by the manufacturer as standard. The gun also came from Evike with a high cap mag and 2 x 11.1v crane stock batteries, again a great idea.
All I\'ve changed on my Bolt is the inner and outer barrel and the rail system. The stock inner is very short so I used a 275mm 6.03 inner barrel and a 10.3inch outer combined with the Daniel Defense mk18 rail system in tan to give it the desired look. The stock externals are nice and the weight of the rifle is well balanced too.
Overall, I am very impressed with this rifle. Including items like the batteries and spare wiring connection are excellent additions to a new rifle and the MBSS is a well designed system with a nice kick.



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