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Showcase cover image for both elephant (BE) BE Steyr Military Airsoft Electric Rifle

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The Steyr AUG, despite its outward appearance from some weapon in the future, is nearing its thirty-year birthday. The AUG (Armee Universal Gewehr) features a bullpup configuration, meaning that the ammunition cartridge is inserted behind the pistol grip, which is unlike traditional rifle designs. The AUG is actually a configurable weapon system meant to fulfill a variety of combat roles in the Austrian Army including submachine gun, assault rifle and squad support weapon.

The configuration prowess of the AUG system stems from the ability to incorporate differing series of barrel lengths. This can effectively change the output of the rifle system. The barrels that can be fitted for specific roles range from the submachine gun barrel that decreases the base design to a length of 24.6 inches to the heavy barrel use that extends the rifles length from the base rifle to 35.43 inches in the HBAR (or Heavy-Barreled Automatic Rifle).

The Steyr AUG features a built-in carrying handle that doubles as the mounting for the base optic system. There is also a foldable forward handgrip (also used in removable of the barrel for changing) and integrated flash suppressor. The heavy-barreled squad support version also incorporated a folding bipod for sustained suppressive fire mode.

The rifle allows for single or full automatic fire. This is accomplished by applying differing amounts of pressure to the trigger - the first level being that of single fire and the second level (added pressure to the trigger pushing the trigger past a certain point) will yield the automatic fire mode. Thusly no selector is provided the user. Left and right-handed firing can be accomplished with some modification of the bolt and opening / closing the respective ejection ports. The weapon can fire standard NATO 5.56mm or the American 5.56mm round. The Steyr AUG can be fitter with custom optics (the unit-power optical sight is the standard optic system), bayonet and underslung grenade launcher.

The Steyr AUG has been known to be in service with the Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, Tunisia and Oman. In all, it's an adaptable weapon system that can fulfill the role of many elements with just the slightest of modifications. (

Appearance: is wierd but at the same time kind of cool, made of all plastic only metal would be the sling rings. Bright orange tip, not removable unless you want to break your outer barrel. Comes with a cheap scope, you will see more on it in the Scope reviews in the accessories section. The rubber butt pad is not to shabby, but not the most comfortable. The front handle worked for about a month then broke so as you can see i taped it up so it would be half useful.

Performance: this weapon has a plastic gear box that is not up to par. For me after a long time of use as a noob it started to give a dripping effect, were it would shoot 1 bb then the next two just kind of drip out of the barrel. The stock FPS on this is around 200fps but drops with use. .20gram bbs are too heavy for this thing to shoot. so you must use .12gram bbs. It comes with saftey glasses, they feel cheap but are not all to shabby, i shot them from 25 feet away with a 500 fps gas M700 and it only cracked a little corner of it. The charger that comes with it, slowly kills the battery.

Overall: This gun is adequate for backyard kind of skirmishes, and that kind of stuff, nothing more. My rating for the price is a 3.5/5 just because it is about the same price of mini's back when i bought it and it is by far better.



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