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Hello everyone, you all know me as arrow, but my real name is Brandon, I\'ve been playing airsoft for 9 years and have started acquiring a taste for tactical nylon. Currently I run only GBBRs in the summer and a couple AEGs for winter, if I play in winter lol, that\'s teching time. :p currently I have 3 GBBRs and 4 AEGs I switch through depending on my mood, in no particular order they are
WE SCAR-L with some custom machined steel parts
G&P WOCx that\'s going to get all steel parts sometime
KWA MP7 that\'s missing a few externals with a custom flashhider
A semi only SBR build with a not so short inner, also has an M16 upper
An SRC G36 wired to deans and stock, because I hate V.3s
A G&G GR15 raider XL, stock, because I don\'t want to get into it yet
DSG PDW, because troll gun, seriously, looks hideous outside but it\'s a monster

Also have a few other misc. guns that I play around with from time to time

Anywho I\'m a tech and proud, I\'m also trying to build a good loadout, but eh, funding, I make films, enjoy long walks on the field, and I love to get boxes of parts, I buy sell and trade for most everything, and rarely pay over $100 for a gun, $45 SCAR, $20 WOCx... You get the point, arrow out



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